Me Love You Long Time

There’s a scene in the film Full Metal Jacket where a group of American soldiers are propositioned by a group of Vietnamese prostitutes. Several times, the women say, “Me love ...


Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, I fell in love. But it ended. Badly. I was told that it was over and that the failure was my fault, and mine alone, and ...


Toland Travels-Live!

Toland Travels is hosting another showcase for  writers at Urban Standard. The show starts at 7:00p.m. on Saturday, February 21st. If you’d like to be a part of the show, ...

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52 Places to Go in 2015

The New York Times has an amazing list of places to put ...

Episode 3 of the Podcast

Episode 3 of the Toland Travels Podcast is up and running!  Listen ...

Episode 2

Episode 2 of Toland Travels is now available for you to enjoy. ...

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Nap Nap In a Tuk-Tuk

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love a good nap. My day usually isn’t complete unless I get one in. They aren’t particularly long, but they are invaluable for recharging. A little snooze for 15 or 20 minutes has proven to be a great way to recharge my batteries, and keep my […]

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A Tale of Two Guides

Last week I had a meeting to start laying out my next big adventure, and it brought back memories of years past. The biggest issue I’m going to be facing is transportation. I travel on a tight schedule, and buses just don’t get the job done. In these situations, I’ve hired a driver to help […]

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Santa Baby – Awesome Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

Can’t find the perfect gift for the traveler in your life?  Sometimes a chaotic trip to the local big box store just isn’t going to yield that perfect gift.  Fear not!  I’ve pulled together my top ten goodies for you this year!  It’s an odd assortment, but each is incredibly affordable, and they are guaranteed […]

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The Podcast Has Arrived!

Click this link.  I’ve got a surprise for you! Toland Travels, Episode 1. It’s been a while since I’ve updated Toland Travels, but the absence was necessary! I’ve been branching out a bit and after a bit of a time getting it all together, it’s finally here! I’m launching a podcast!  I’m happy with the […]

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Sexual Tourism

There’s a side of the travel and tourism world that hides in the shadows.  It isn’t discussed openly and lurks in the furthest reaches of the internet.  It’s sexual tourism, traveling for the purpose of prurient sexual activity.  This goes far beyond simply employing the services of prostitute.  In much of the world this involves […]

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East Nasty

If you’re like me, you probably aren’t all that familiar with the city of Nashville, and if you know anything about it at all it’s probably pretty much an idea of stereotypes. I haven’t really spent too much time in the city, and my basic understanding was that it was pretty much all about two […]

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Good News Everyone………and It’s FREE!!!

Toland Travels Postcards has just had a major overhaul. This is more than just a bit of botox to tighten up the sags. This is a complete upgrade. When you download the app to your iPhone you’ll see, for starters, that it’s now FREE! That’s right! You get the basic app, with the original five […]

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I know I’m a bit slow to catch up on this one, but I’m finally up and running on Tumblr. I’m quickly starting to love it, to be honest. I’ve been a fan of several Tumblr sites for a while, and I decide to bite the bullet and pull one together on my own. In […]

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The Manifesto

Having a radio set to go off each morning to wake me up means that I never really know what I’m going to be waking up to. A few months ago, I was snuggled up my sheets delaying the start to another day listening to NPR. During a commercial break, er, “underwriting promotion,” a message […]

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Toland Travels-Live!

It happened again! Another successful Toland Travels-Live! event took place at Urban Standard in Birmingham, Alabama. It was interesting, and entertaining, and so emotional, on a number of different levels. I must thank all of the participants this go round, Lara Paterson, Fergus Tuohy, Heather Fann, Lee Smith, and Bob Boyd. They all did an […]

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