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If you’re like me, you probably aren’t all that familiar with the city of Nashville, and if you know anything about it at all it’s probably pretty much an idea ...


Good News Everyone………and It’s FREE!!!

Toland Travels Postcards has just had a major overhaul. This is more than just a bit of botox to tighten up the sags. This is a complete upgrade. When you ...



I know I’m a bit slow to catch up on this one, but I’m finally up and running on Tumblr. I’m quickly starting to love it, to be honest. I’ve ...

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TEDx – Now Featuring Yours Truly!

Well, the news is out now!  I’m going to be a presenter ...

Toland Travels – LIVE!

Are you going to be in Birmingham, Alabama on Tuesday, June 24th? ...

First Timers Club

My good friend, Daniel, just got back from Hong Kong.  It was ...

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The Manifesto

Having a radio set to go off each morning to wake me up means that I never really know what I’m going to be waking up to. A few months ago, I was snuggled up my sheets delaying the start to another day listening to NPR. During a commercial break, er, “underwriting promotion,” a message […]

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Toland Travels-Live!

It happened again! Another successful Toland Travels-Live! event took place at Urban Standard in Birmingham, Alabama. It was interesting, and entertaining, and so emotional, on a number of different levels. I must thank all of the participants this go round, Lara Paterson, Fergus Tuohy, Heather Fann, Lee Smith, and Bob Boyd. They all did an […]

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Chum Chum and Oranges

When I was in Vietnam, I had the strangest experience one morning. It was my first morning there, and I was excited to get out and explore Ho Chi Min, but because of my jet lag, I was probably more excited to eat breakfast. I sat down at a table at the small restaurant in […]

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Toland Travels-Live! Is BACK!

This summer’s Toland Travels-Live! event was such a success that Toland Travels and Urban Standard in Birmingham, Alabama are teaming up for another night to celebrate local writers and lovers of travel. Think of it as a local and live version of “This American Life!” Do you have a great travel story that you’d like […]

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Miami, Miami, You’ve Got Style

I traveled to Miami for the first time a few weeks ago. I wanted to get away for a long weekend, and it was certainly an experience. It’s old school, and modern, stylish and seedy, and is everything I would expect, and yet nothing like it all.  It’s the mixtures of people and cultures, and […]

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Told You You’d Like It!

Toland Travels Postcards, the app from Toland Travels that lets you create and send your own digital postcards has gotten great reviews!  Have you picked it up yet? You should. Additional postcards are in the works and will be headed your way soon! If you have or if you’re considering it, check out this nice […]

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You can tell everything you need to know about a culture by taking a quick peek at one room – the bathroom. The toilet, the W.C., the loo, the head, and the “shitter,” whatever you call it, it’s full of cultural insights. You can learn what importance the culture places on privacy, cleanliness, technology, and […]

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Amsterdam to the Alps

I just got back from a week abroad, visiting friends and exploring some of the Swiss and French Alps!  It was a great trip, full of bicycles (and wrecks), trains, hiking, rain, boats, and some amazing surroundings.  I put together a few videos to share it all with you. First up, is a my travel […]

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The BUZZ…..

The first Toland Travels Community list is up and going on Buzzfeed: 10 Things You Can Do On ANY Vacation.  Check it out!  Click the link…..   Can you think of any others?  I’m always looking for new experiences.  Send them my way.     Buy the Toland Travels app for iPhones – […]

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Toland Travels-Live!

I owe a heartfelt “thank you” to everyone that came out to see Toland Travels-Live!  The show was a huge success, and you have no idea how much I appreciate the presenters, the audience, and all the great folks at Urban Standard.  Your willingness to support Toland Travels and Urban Standard was genuinely moving. The […]

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