You can tell everything you need to know about a culture by taking a quick peek at one room – the bathroom. The toilet, the W.C., the loo, the head, ...


Amsterdam to the Alps

I just got back from a week abroad, visiting friends and exploring some of the Swiss and French Alps!  It was a great trip, full of bicycles (and wrecks), trains, ...

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The BUZZ…..

The first Toland Travels Community list is up and going on Buzzfeed: 10 Things You Can Do On ANY Vacation.  Check it out!  Click the link…..   Can ...

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Dutch Homemade Cinema

When I was in Amsterdam it was pretty rainy and gray, and ...

Toland Travels – LIVE!

Are you going to be in Birmingham, Alabama on Tuesday, June 24th? ...

First Timers Club

My good friend, Daniel, just got back from Hong Kong.  It was ...

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Toland Travels-Live!

I owe a heartfelt “thank you” to everyone that came out to see Toland Travels-Live!  The show was a huge success, and you have no idea how much I appreciate the presenters, the audience, and all the great folks at Urban Standard.  Your willingness to support Toland Travels and Urban Standard was genuinely moving. The […]

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The People You Meet Along The Way

Perhaps my favorite part of traveling is the people you tend to randomly cross paths with. I’ve been fortunate to have amazing conversations in some of the most unlikely of places. A few weeks ago in London, I struck up a conversation with a man from France and we started talking about language, and that […]

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Always Be Honkin’

It’s an odd phenomenon to travel by automobile in a second or third world country. There’s no need for radio. In fact, during your entire time in the car, other drivers will serenade you. You (or your driver), will most likely add to the aural deliciousness. Everyone, it seems, is blowing his or her horn. […]

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That Time I Paid A Man In Istanbul To Beat Me Up

I love a massage. Seriously. I have had hot stone massages, Indian oil massages, Thai massages, Swedish massages, Chinese massages, and once a kindly old lady on a subway car in Berlin even rubbed my shoulders when I was looking particularly haggard. It was in Istanbul, though, that I asked for a massage, and ended […]

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Their Travel Changed Your World – Buddha

This is the third in a series of articles about the transformative power of traveling.  No one really knows the impact a trip is going to have on their life.  It can be a restorative escape, educational, or thought provoking – often all at the same time.  Sometimes the experiences a person has while traveling, […]

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Timeless Cambodia: A Photoessay

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I Spy

I’ve traveled for many reasons over the years. I have traveled to explore, to relax, to learn, and for work. However, once I traveled as a spy. Let that sink in for a minute. I was once a spy. I’m not kidding. I’m not writing a piece of fiction. Now, to be completely honest with […]

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Vietnam: New and Old

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A Southeast Asian Exploration

I’m back! A couple of weeks ago, my friend Keith and took a trip through Southeast Asia, I have so many stories and insights to share over the next few weeks, but for now, a quick rundown of the trip will have to do. I’ve been through Japan and China before, and even India, but […]

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Sugarcane Mary!

I had a brief cooking lesson while I was in Cambodia.  It’s quick, easy, and completely delicious.  I really, really want to help this woman to open a franchise!   Follow Toland Travels on Facebook Toland Travels is on Instagram Tweet me @tolandtravels  

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