Archive | November, 2012

Photography 101 – Just In Time For the Holidays!

The holidays officially begin this week and cameras everywhere will be wearing out their shutters.  I’ve decided to pass on some tips to optimize the use of your camera.  I’ve been playing around with photography for several years, but it’s only been in the last year that I have invested in a high quality SRL […]

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Why I Went to Russia

I grew up in what I have come to learn might have been the last “Cold War” community in America.  My elementary school had fire drills.  We had tornado drills.  We even had nuclear bomb drills.  Seriously.  I can remember being in my classroom and crawling under my desk to prepare for the pending nuclear […]

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When It Hits The Fan

Inevitably, at some point, in even the best-planned trips, the shit will hit the fan. Your luggage will get lost.  You will get lost.  You will miss a connecting flight. You will get sick. The person or people you are traveling with will drive to the edge of sanity.  Something WILL happen, and whatever it […]

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