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Get it- While It Lasts!

To celebrate spring break, for a limited time only, Toland Travels first app, “Postcards” is free.  Get it in the iTunes store for iPhone and iPads Today! Get it Here:

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And the Winner Is………

Well the results are in! The committee has deliberated and made it’s final decision.  The winners of the Toland Travels Postcards Contest are finally ready to be announced.  The first place winner will be receiving a $100 iTunes Gift Card.  There were over 100 different submissions and the variety was simple amazing. The judging committee […]

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More Than Just Your P’s and Q’s

“Mind your thoughts for they become your words; mind your words for they become your actions; mind your actions for they become your habits; mind your habits for they become your character; mind your character for it becomes your destiny.” This quote, a variation of one first attributed to English writer Charles Reade, has been […]

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