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Episode 2

Episode 2 of Toland Travels is now available for you to enjoy. Simply click here : Episode 2 – Emergency! In this episode, suggestions for preparing for an emergency when traveling are discussed. You’ll also hear a great conversation with someone who landed in Japan minutes after its largest recorded earthquake! There’s a presentation from […]

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The Podcast Has Arrived!

Click this link.  I’ve got a surprise for you! Toland Travels, Episode 1. It’s been a while since I’ve updated Toland Travels, but the absence was necessary! I’ve been branching out a bit and after a bit of a time getting it all together, it’s finally here! I’m launching a podcast!  I’m happy with the […]

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Sexual Tourism

There’s a side of the travel and tourism world that hides in the shadows.  It isn’t discussed openly and lurks in the furthest reaches of the internet.  It’s sexual tourism, traveling for the purpose of prurient sexual activity.  This goes far beyond simply employing the services of prostitute.  In much of the world this involves […]

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