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La Différence

So much of the drama that unfolds daily in America and across the world boils down to simply viewing the world around us in different ways. Politics, both in the U.S. and across the world, for example is just a division between two points of view. What those points of view are or why they […]

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Is It Safe?

Aren’t you worried? Aren’t you scared? Why are you going…….there? It’s fascinating to me that over the last few years, increasingly when I tell someone that I have a trip planned, these are some of the more common questions that I’m asked. If I believed that my life was in danger or that something bad […]

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Parisian Ambience

I’ve written before about my love affair with the city of Paris.  It’s beautiful, but there is something about the character of the city that is a unique mix of warmth and coolness, simultaneously.  It stimulates me and relaxes me to be there.  It matches my occasionally melancholic mood. A few weeks ago, I spent […]

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