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Where To Go

Conde Nast has compiled a list (complete with a slide show) of its list of “Trips of Lifetime.”  Several of them are on my list, and I could add a few more, based on this.  How amazing are those pictures?  Who wants to go to Croatia with me? See their list by clicking HERE.  

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The New Peru Movie

If you have a few minutes and you want to get an idea for what Peru has to offer, might I suggest this dandy video of pictures, movies, and awesomeness from our recent trip to South America.

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The Peruvian Learning Curve

A friend of mine has a theory that you can make pretty much anything sound gross/dirty/horrible simply by adding a Latin America place in front of it. Bolivian Lemon Drop Guatemalan toilet set. Tijuana Taco. Let your imagination run with it for a while and you’ll get the idea. Before this past June, I had […]

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