Holiday Gift Guide for the Traveler in Your Life

It’s that time of year again!  That’s right Oprah has officially announced her “Favorite Things” list!  Oh, yeah, it’s also Christmas time!  Everyone is currently engaged in my least favorite activity – fighting crowds.  I hate it.  I’m more of a sneak into the mall an hour before it closes a few nights one week, get what I want and get out person.  Better yet, I’d just assume pick it out online and have shipped to me.

As far as gifts go, I like to think about what I’m getting someone.  I hate getting gift cards, and hate giving them to people.  I know many people will disagree with me, but I’d rather you actually give some thought towards finding the perfect present, (and if it’s not be exactly right for me, I can return it) than you mindlessly deciding I’m not worth the effort and giving me a gift card.  Think about it.  What does it say about our relationship, if the best you can come up when thinking about me is money.  Yikes!  I know that this can be hard to do, and I know everyone wants to buy the perfect present.  I can’t give you a master list of what Grandma and Uncle Ralph will want this year, but I can point you in the direction of a few items that I think are affordable, unique and pretty darn awesome, especially for someone that is a traveler, or has a trip lined up in the year ahead.

So, without further ado,  may I present this year’s Gift Guide for the Traveler in Your Life………

The Pan Am Bag


These retro and retro inspired carry on bags are some of the coolest that I’ve seen in a while. From the earlier, more luxurious  era of commericial aviation, these bags will certainly grab attention as you clear security.  $69.00

Available at: and

Airmail Envelopes


I’m a letter writer, and have been for years.  I love these envelopes.  I use them sparingly.  Whether the letter is coming from Tuscaloosa or Timbuktu, these envelopes give quite the prestige to an ordinary trip to the mailbox. $6.01 per box

Available at:

Sofia Champagne Cans


Yup, champagne.  In a can.  This time of year, everyone’s going to Holiday parites on the weekends, and everyone is bringing the same’ole bottle of wine.  Your gift to the host should stand out.  I like champagne, and I really like Sofia champagne.  It’s served in small cans, complete with drinking straws, and I have yet to meet someone who hasn’t been won over by the taste and the packaging’s charms.  Added bonus:  It’s made by legendary film maker Francis Ford Coppola, and named after his daughter, and director in her own right, Sofia. $20.00 for 4 can pack

Available at:



Are you planning a big trip to Europe?  Maybe a family trip to the beach?  Or is it just a weekend trip to the grandparents?  You need a journal.  The good times need to be remembered.  The sights you saw, the funny moments, and even the irritations, will be enjoyable to read and remember in the years to come.  A leather bound, small journal with lined pages is just the ticket!  $12.95

Available at



A framed map is a terrific way to remember a trip or to inspire you to take one.  Around my house I have maps hanging up, both geographic ones and maps of various different subway systems from around the world.  Today there is no shortage cool ones to pick up, and many vendors will even frame them for you!  My favorites are the subway maps, and maps of various cities broken down by neighborhood.  $ prices vary based on size and quality

Available at

SLR Camera


An easy way to improve your photos is to read this article on photography, found here.  🙂  Another way is to purchase a better camera, and it might not be as much as you think.  SLR digital cameras, have come a long way in recent years in their ease of operation, and prices are more affordable than ever.  The aspiring photographer in your life will thank you!  Prices start at $479

Available at

Blik Wall Coverings


A-MAZ-ING!  Every traveler needs a comfy home to come back to.  If you want to make a quick and easy, but super stylish upgrade to your walls, Bilk Wall Coverings can help.  It’s like contact paper, but doesn’t harm your sheetrock in any way.  They are easy to use and quick to put together.  Best of all they are affordable!  I particularly like the Keith Haring figures and the U.S. Map!  Prices start at $45.

Available at

Classes, Classes, Classes

I’m a huge believer in the power of  education.  Never stop learning.  To that end, I think giving the gift of education to someone is the best gift you can give.  Check with your local university, college, or junior college to see if they offer after hours classes to the community.  You can enroll someone in photography, language, art, crafting, and even performance classes, often at less than $100.


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