Santa Baby – Awesome Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

Can’t find the perfect gift for the traveler in your life?  Sometimes a chaotic trip to the local big box store just isn’t going to yield that perfect gift.  Fear not!  I’ve pulled together my top ten goodies for you this year!  It’s an odd assortment, but each is incredibly affordable, and they are guaranteed to fill your days (and those of the recipient) with holiday cheer.




Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo

av_A1WH_254I LOVE this shampoo.  It tingles your scalp and the smell is just the ticket you need to wake you up in the morning.  It also happens to be a great shampoo that won’t overly dry out your hair.  Pick it up at your local Aveda products store, or online at ($13.50)









The Weirdness of Archie McPhee

logo_monkeyXMAS  Bacon flavored toothpaste?  Yup.  Marie Antoinette Action figure (complete with removable head)? Check.  Sexy Santa Centaur ornament for tree? They’ve got it.  If you don’t know Seattle based merchant Achie Mcphee, you are seriously missing out.  The store is full of things that you never knew existed, much less that you will need in your life.  I love the crazy assortment of bandages, as well as gums, but I’m sure you’ll find your own novelty item that will fill your heart with joy.  I recommend the “Super Awesome Surprise” Box.”  You’ll have no idea what you’re getting, but the items inside are personally selected for you to ensure that you will be entertained for days.  It’s the perfect gift for someone with a great sense of humor or for a group of people because you can split up the goodies. ($19.95)


Bittermilk Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Fashioned



Love an old school cocktail, but don’t want to actually go through the trouble of buying the ingredients, and mixing them, only to have the end results turn out to be less than stellar?  South Carolina based Bittermilk has the answers to your pryers.  This is my “go to” gift this year, and I’m giving out to so many people, I’ve lost count.  I’m spreading  the word and you should, too.  Simply mix with bourbon pour over ice, and you’ve got the real deal.  It’s phenomenal! ($15.00)







Toland Travels Christmas Postcard

IMG_9898Christmas cards can be time consuming to create, and sometimes they can less than personal.  A basic text can be ever so boring.  Toland Travels Postcard App for iPhones has you covered.  Use your own photos and customize each card with a cover message and personal message to the recipient. You can send one out to a group, or create a different digital postcard to every person on your list.  It doesn’t matter if they’re naughty or nice, they’re going to love your postcard.  The app is free, and the Christmas card is just $.99 as an “in app purchase.” Get it here.







Toss and Travel Skin Care Products


Simply put, this is a great idea for living life on the go.  Toss and Travel Skin Care products were created by a dermatologist specifically for travelers.  Their products are pre-measured, and packaged so the planning is removed from the process.  One less thing to worry about when traveling is one less thing to worry about, no matter how you slice it.  Wet your hands, squeeze out the product, and rub it directly onto your skin.  It’s that easy!  Best of all, you order according to the length of your your trip, and you get a face wash, toner, eye cream, and day and night moisturizers.  Prices start at $16.00 for four days worth of products.




Shutterfly Luggage Tags

v1Personalized gifts are always worthy of your attention, and I’m seriously crushing on the personalized luggage tags from Shutterly.  Using the initials of the owner, they can be customized to look like airport abbreviations on one side, and include a photo on the other.  They are great for luggage but also backpacks, briefcases, and with the right attitude, I could even see them on purse.  These luggage tags are distinctive no matter where you’re headed. ($5.00)







The Holiday Story at

imagesHave you discovered yet?  You have been seriously missing out.  From hip collectables, to  one of a kind artists’ creations Fab is the place to go for unique shopping.  Three years ago, I discovered this online goodie hub, and I’ve bought countless gifts there for so many people (and truthfully, for myself.) Right now, there’s even a Holiday store set up specifically to help guide you through the headaches of trying to find the perfect gift for that special someone.  With categories like “Him,” “Her,” and “Secret Santa,” you’ll have the holidays taken care of in a snap.



Tupperware Corkscrew


It’s Christmas Day, and you and your S.O. decided to celebrate over a nice bottle of wine, but then corkscrew broke the cork!  The horror!  Avoid having to fish out the pieces with this handy tool.  It’s built to last and it works.  Every time.  Seriously.  Tupperware doesn’t mess around.  Ask your grandma. ($12.00)





Butchery Classes


It’s no secret that America is undergoing a rediscovery of real food, and moving away from processed imitations.  There’s nothing better to give the “foodie” in your life than  the gift of a course in food preparation.  Cooking classes can be great, but to me, you should go straight to the source. Butchery classes are a great start.  Bottle & Bone offers classes in butchering cows and pigs, and even how to make sausage! Classes start at just $40.00.



Two Nights In An Urban Treehouse

a60f3263_original c0c11107_original


Shabby chic meets urban forest realness.  Coming in as the most expensive item on this year’s list, but still an amazing deal, is this AWESOME treehouse located in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia.  Two nights in this home in the trees is all you’ll need to to recharge, or if you’re looking for something else,  it would make for quite the romantic weekend.  More pictures and rental information can be found on the property’s rental page. ($245 for a minimum 2 night stay)


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  1. Laura
    December 4, 2014 at 8:44 am #

    Great fun and fresh suggestions! Thanks!

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