Toland Travels-Live! Winter Edition

Last month the winter edition of Toland Travels-Live! took place at Urban Standard in Birmingham, Alabama and it was the most eclectic group of writers we’ve had so far.  A couple of local celebrities a professor, a financial guru, and me all presented stories for the night. Each one was completely different and all reflected on how travel in some way changed our lives.


I kicked things off with a reading of “I Spy” about my experiences in the low level, cut throat world of corporate spying.  It didn’t go well…..

Next, Piot Malysz, a professor of religion, recounted his memories of traveling to his grandparents’ home in rural Poland, and seeing the “Big Book.”  It isn’t what you think……

Tahiera M. Brown, the host of local talk show recounted how she thought she was going on vacation, and ended up traveling to her own wedding, and didn’t even realize it!  You can follow her on Twitter @TahieraBrown

Birmingham based financial planner Fergus Tuohy told an interesting story about finding bravery he didn’t know he had to stand up to his fraternity and bring about real change, in both the fraternity, and himself.  

Finally  Andre Natta, the editor of “The Terminal,” a website that is dedicated to all things Birmingham, Alabama. The website has been charting the return of the “Magic City” over the last few years, and has become the place to go to get the scoop on what’s happening.  He explains what made him decide to relocated to the heart of the deep south.  Check it out at

It was a great night, and some really terrific stories were told!  Follow Toland Travels on Twitter, Instagram, and on Facebook to find out when the next event will take place.


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