Toss & Travel – A Review

Recently I was asked to try out a new product from a dermatologist that is specifically geared toward travelers. It’s called “Toss & Travel.” I’ll cut to the chase – the stuff works!

Toss & Travel skin care products are geared toward the traveler’s skin care needs. The line is rather brilliantly designed to be easy to pack and use. It’s organized into a clear sequence of steps, and each product is premeasured in its own packet so that the user can move from one step to the next without much thought; which can be a good thing when you are in the delerium of coming off of long haul flight.


The first thing you’ll notice about the packaging is that it’s clearly marketed and advertised toward women. A four day supply of the products comes in a purple mesh satchel. Even the labeling on the individual packets is clearly “feminine.”  When I opened it up, I wasn’t entirely certain of what I’d find, and I (wrongfully) assumed the products would be heavily, artificially scented.  Each packet is clearly labeled, and the order in which it should be used.  I started with the “Arrival” face wash, then rubbed on the toner, and eye cream, and finally one of the two moisturizers. I certainly felt clean and refreshed, which can be hard to do after being stuck on a plane for hours.


When I opened the face wash packet, I was surprised by a couple of things immediately.  First, the smell wasn’t a heavy floral scent or anything else that could be mistaken for a  Bath and Bodyworks product.  In fact, the only way I can describe it is “clinical.”  In my book, that’s a good thing.  I don’t want the smell of any product wafting around me for hours after I’ve used it.  I attribute this to the fact that the products were developed by a doctor.  It does exactly what its supposed to do, without added perfumes and foaming agents.  I was also surprised by how little of each product was in each packet.  Again, that’s not a complaint.  Too often when products are pre-measured, the majority of the product is simply wasted and goes down the drain.  The temptation is there to use a little bit and then  to try to put the packet somewhere so that it can be used again, and the struggle of putting it aside in a way to avoid it leaking out all over the place begins.  The amounts provided by Toss & Travel are the exact amounts you’ll need.  No more trying to avoid wasting the product and no more feeling guilty about dumping it down the drain.

If you’re like me, with delicate skin (i.e. prone to horrible breakouts when you’re stressed, tired, or you skip washing your face one evening before bed), the Toss & Travel line of products is a great way to pack without the hassle of having an assortment of bottles and various other odds and ends that you consider essential to keeping your appearance together.  The products work for both men and women, but some men  may have to get past the labeling and packaging That’s easy to do when you’re weighing the convenience and effectiveness of the products verses what the packaging looks like.  Ladies shouldn’t mind, and guys should suck it up.


Toss and Travel products are sold by the number of days you’d like to use the routine: 4, 8, and 12 day quantities, starting at $24. To purchase, visit

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